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Fitness for Life & Sports

It doesn’t matter whether your dog is old or young, active or lazy,

involved in competitive or recreational sports…


Every dog needs fitness training to thrive!

Free guide to canine fitness circuits!

Ever wonder what to train? How many repetitions? How many sets?
Struggle with seeing signs of fatigue?

Not knowing how to make the exercise EASIER.... or HARDER?

What even IS a circuit??


This FREE Level 1 Fitness Circuit Plan will help you answer all your questions!


With 4 basic exercises described in detail, this guide will give you a PLAN and a starting point for repetitions, sets, and progressions (or regressions if your dog is just starting out)

for one simple canine fitness circuit!


Enter your information below to download your free copy of this exclusive guide!

Lisa Petterson is a Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer (CPCFT) since 2017.

She is dedicated to SAFE, FUN, and FUNCTIONAL fitness training for any dog!


She believes it is up to the humans to make sure their dogs are physically prepared of

whatever is asked of them, in life or sports, to prevent injury and increase performance.


Lisa Petterson CPCFT is not qualified to work with dogs rehabilitating from injury. Her work is purely PREVENTATIVE conditioning!

If your dog is injured, please seek appropriate veterinarian care and/or canine rehabilitation help.

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Seminars & Workshops

Get the most out of your fitness training by working hands on with Lisa Petterson CPCFT!

  • Fun learning environment for dogs and humans. Lisa seminar's are both fun and enlightening. Participants leave inspired and motivated to continue training!

  • Immediate feedback so you can get the most out of your training! Fix issues in real time, and get unique feedback for your individual dog.

  • All levels welcome! Lisa offers seminars and workshops for dogs and handlers of ANY level of fitness training. 

For more information on an upcoming seminar, or to book Lisa to teach a seminar at YOUR facility, contact her via email!