Give your puppy the best start.

With Lisa Petterson of LPCF & the Pre-Fitness for Puppies Course

So... you have a puppy!


You hope you can provide this puppy with a healthy, injury-free life.


Perhaps your puppy will grow up to participate in sports...
Or perhaps he will be your loyal weekend hiking partner!


Whatever your puppy will grow up to do, you'll want to make sure he has the strength, endurance, and overall fitness to do it well and to prevent injury.


But that true fitness training shouldn't start until the dog is older...


What can you do NOW?!

This course will cover all of the PRE-foundation skills
that will prepare your puppy for the TRUE future fitness work!

Want a little taste of EXACTLY what you'll be learning?

Here's a sneak peek into one of the lessons!

Are you:

  • wondering what exercises are actually safe to do with a puppy?

  • feeling overwhelmed by ALL of the information out there?

  • wanting to learn the true foundations of canine fitness training? 

What will be covered in the course?

  • ✅ safety and benefits of fitness training 
  • ✅ choosing, preparing, and using a fitness marker cue
  • ✅ fitness training techniques - luring, shaping, and targeting
  • ✅ how to reward calmness and stillness 
  • ✅ basic food control games
  • ✅ pre-fitness cues & behaviours - hand touch, chin rest, positions (sit, down, stand), release cues, paws up cues, etc!
  • ✅ forward focus 
  • ✅ being handled - in lateral recumbency (lying on side) and standing
  • ✅ SAFE introduction to equipment (stable and unstable)
  • ✅ age-appropriate exercise guidelines for puppies
  • ✅ And SO much more!!


Everything in this course is the “behind the scenes” skills & training
that I do with all of my dogs (ANY age!) before “real” fitness training begins!


That includes everything that happens before ever asking for repetitions of dynamic movements, increasing duration of static exercises, and before introducing balance equipment.


What's Included in the Course:

8+ Lessons

with 12 weeks of access

With 8 lessons and 5+ bonus lessons, there is plenty to work on!


And, you don't have to feel rushed! 12 weeks is plenty of time to work through the course material. 


All lessons include written descriptions, video demos, and photos.


User Friendly Classrooms

Facebook and Kartra

Lessons will be available online through a Kartra classroom.

There are downloadable files of each lesson, so you can download it to your device and have it forever!


Students will get access to the "LPCF Pre-Fitness for Puppies Support Group" - a facebook group for you to post questions, brags/successes, and struggles!

You will get access to the Kartra classroom (lessons) for 12 weeks, and the Facebook group (support) forever! 

Unlimited Support

be a part of a community!

You can post unlimited questions, brags, concerns, and interact with the other students in the Facebook support group, for unlimited help and support from myself and the other students as you work your way through the material.


After all, raising a puppy often takes a community! ;)


watch your puppy's confidence and
understanding grow!

*of course... there are no guarantees. It is up to YOU to do the work!


All I can do is provide you with the information!!



The course contains MANY safe "pre-fitness" exercises and set-ups, as well as puppy life skills that will introduce your puppy into the world of fitness training!


Handlers will learn proper training and rewarding techniques,
to help their puppies learn confidently and efficiently.

All training activities and exercises can be easily modified
to suit your puppy's experience and training level. 

Lisa Petterson CPCFT

Course Instructor

I started my dog journey 10 years ago, teaching my family's Golden tricks and "agility" in the yard.

Pretty soon I was signed up for agility classes and never looked back!


I have since learned the importance of keeping our canine athletes FIT and healthy, so they can be physically prepared of whatever we ask them to do. As I see it, the dogs don't ask to play these games - it's up to US to make sure they stay injury free and SAFE during the sports, and even in life!


In 2017 I got my certification as a Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer (CPCFT) through the Wizard of Paws Canine Rehabilitation Center in the states. 


More than anything I am dedicated to helping dogs live their best lives, for as long as possible. Whether that's competing in high levels in a sport, or just being a daily around the block walker!


Less than $5 per day of unlimited puppy "fitness" support!


12 weeks of access!

Auditing Spot: $95 CAD
to follow along on your own!


sorry, no working spots at this time

Fitness is an investment that you will NEVER regret.

Previous students showing off what they learned in the course!


Here's some answers to common questions!

What equipment do I need for the course?

I’ve done fitness courses before.
How basic are the exercises?

What pre-requisites are there to this course? Does my puppy need to know anything before we start?

How much time do we need to commit to the course every day or every week?

What age does my puppy have to be to start this course?

How long do I get access to the course?

I see you use a lot of rewards in your fitness training. What do you use for treats so the dog doesn’t get overfed or fat?

Are there due dates or a timeline for when we should be posting or completing each task?

What does "Auditing" mean? Can we post videos?

No - but auditors can follow along on their own at home.
Auditors will receive all the same lessons and material as working spots, can ask questions, interact in the group, etc... anything except post videos!

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